New Delhi: “Katti Batti” actors Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut bonded over tattoos while filming the Nikhil Advani directorial.
When Kangana and Imran were to meet for the first time, the perfect ice-breaker moment ensued. They started talking to each other about tattoos.
Kangana is also seen flashing a ‘Bijli’ tattoo in the trailers and her love for tattoos gave birth to the thought of Payal (character played by Kangana in the film) sporting a tattoo throughout the film.
Also, while the make-up artist would take an hour to draw Kangana’s tattoo, the same time was used up by Imran’s make-up expert to hide his permanent inking.
“It was ironical… we both used to spend around one hour everyday before the shoot. She trying to get her tattoos done and me trying to hide my tattoos,” Imran said in a statement.
“Katti Batti”, produced by UTV Motion Pictures, is set to release on September 18.
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