NEW DELHI: We are so used to of living in this free country that we cannot even imagine how it would have been surviving under somebody’s rule, precisely British rule some decades ago.
No matter how much we read and visualize about it, it is almost impossible to feel the pain of the people who were a part of India while India was still under the clutches of the British Empire. 
Had India still been under the British rule, nothing would have remained the same. Remember ‘Indians and Dogs Not Allowed’ statement? We as Indians, still feel humiliated to even read something like this even if it is for the purpose of demonstration. But imagine, our very own people have dealt with such phrases every day. Had India not be a free country today, we would still be treated as secondary citizens, without any respect and bowing down to the British. Isn’t it?
It is a scary thought indeed, and we should feel blessed that we today stand as a different country altogether; a respected one. 
The feeling of being free today makes us feel indebted to the freedom fighters who sacrificed everything to ensure that we are free to breath in our land. They ensured that we no longer had to beg, borrow or plead for anything. 
This short film featuring Manoj Bajpayee and Raveena Tandon has a lot more than just emotions. It reminds us of the sacrifices our fighters made; it reminds us of the pain our people suffered; it reminds us of the disrespect that a human being faced just because he was an ‘Indian’.

Today, as we celebrate the 69th Independence Day, we salute not only leaders who did everything to set India free from the British rule, but also the people of India living before 40s. 

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