MUMBAI: In a big twist to one of the most popular television series, ‘Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi’ which is currently being aired on Colors, reports suggest that it is not only an end to the Ranveer-Ishani relationship, but also their characters. 
Well, at least the pictures that are doing rounds and the promo of the upcoming part are showing so! There are major speculations over the sequence, where some are assuming that it is Ritika who has murdered the couple in the show, while others believe that it might just turn another dream sequences. However, a large part of the fan following feel that the Ishani and Ranveer will make a comeback in a brand new avatar in the show, while there are others who have also claimed that the show is likely to come to an end. We wonder what actually turns true amid such stories..
Even though there is no confirmation on the same, let’s take a look on how things are to move in the show as of now…
As Ranveer finds out that Shikhar and Ishani were only acting about the memory loss, he throws Ishani out of his house forcing her to sign the divorce papers. He also threatens that if she does not sign the papers, he will commit suicide. 
While Ishani had sworn of not leaving Ranveer until he is clear about Ritika’s true colours, it seems that she will finally give in to the demands of RV after she realizes that he trusts Ritika anytime more than her and is likely to harm himself while he is throwing her out of his life.
Practically, we all know that the MATSH cannot get away with its lead hero and heroine and there is no doubt in the fact that the show will certainly lose its charm if the Ranveer and Ishani are out of the show. So, instead of running our mind, it is better that we wait for what the show makers have in store for us. We just hope it’s just another twist and the two remain in the show. After all, Ishani (Radhika Madan) and Ranveer (Shakti Arora) have a strong fan following amongst the audience. 

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