NEW DELHI; We live in a country where people are obsessed with everything fair and white and taking an advantage of it, the makers of the fairness creams have been minting money from the innocent beings. 
What we really need to think is that, is everything actually linked to a pretty face, which of course cannot be pretty if it’s not fair? We have so many times seen good looking people are on advantageous side, as small as in getting job and as big as getting a visa for ‘colour-biased’ country. And that happens because you are fair? On the contrary, you are not liked by your colleagues because you do not have a fair skin? Like, Really? 
While you and me can only feel disgusted about it, a noted filmmaker, Shekhar Kapur has raised his voice and concern over it. 
The Padmi Shri winner, Kapur has given a befitting response to all the fairness cream makers asking them if they have a ‘cream for black hearts as well’.
Well, there could not be a better response to these commercials that not only de-motivate the dark complexion people but also demoralizes them to a big extent. So now, stop spending that whooping amount on these creams and accept yourself the way you are! 
You brilliantly explained it Sehkhar Kapur Sir! Hope the intended message reaches the right people!

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