Los Angeles: Singer Miley Cyrus has said she would have loved to marry late rocker Elvis Presley.
Cyrus opened up on the trivia in a Tumblr “Answer Time” interview on Friday. 
“If you could choose one person to host VMAs with you, who would you choose and why,” a user on the website asked Cyrus. 
The “We can’t stop” singer replied: “Elvis”. She didn’t stop there but said that she also wanted to “marry him.” 
In addition to answering that question, the “Wrecking ball” hitmaker answered things fans might not have known before. 
When asked about what her weirdest dream was, she wrote: “David Bowie taught me how to skateboard but he was shaped like Gumby.” 
As MTV Video Music Award (VMAs) is approaching, one of her fans was curious about her favourite moment at the event, and asked: “What’s your favorite VMA moment of all time?!” 
Cyrus said: “(It) has not happened yet. Dis gonna be da craziest VMAzzzz of allllll herstory! (sic)” 
Cyrus is slated to host the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. The annual awards event will be held at the Microsoft Theater here. 

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