Actor Aamir Khan has confirmed that he is playing the late music grandee Gulshan Kumar in his next biopic film Mogul but due to the MeToo allegations on the film’s director Subhash Kapoor, he did not accept the role in his film but he tweeted that he decided that he will not be a part of this film but after he gave a thought to it and made a decision that he’ll be a part of it, so he is back on the Mogul project now.

In the interview to Daily, he was  asked that he supports MeToo but by doing this film is he indicating something else? To this he said, he fully supports MeToo movement but he requests women to file their complaints to Internal Complaints Committee and the complaints regarding MeToo should be checked thoroughly and he also added that the case of Subhash Kapoor was not a case of misconduct and it will not be able to investigate it by ICC. He also said that he has zero-tolerance for sexual harassment cases but without a proper ruling, they can’t decide whether the case is true or not.

Aamir said he is working on this film with his full heart and he has taken the decision what he really wants to take. He said that Bhushan Kumar the son of Gulshan Kumar was upset when Aamir rejected the role and added that Bhushan was emotionally disturbed after hearing it.

At first, Aamir told Bhushan Kumar that he can’t play the role of Gulshanji as he doesn’t see himself as Gulshan Kumar but he agreed to produce the film because Bhushan Kumar wanted him to involve in some way and he loved the script so he agreed to it.

Aamir offered the role to Akshay Kumar but things didn’t work out well so he went to Varun Dhawan but he had too many films so it wasn’t possible, he even asked Kapil Sharma but that too didn’t work out after all of this Bhushan Kumar came up to Aamir and said that you have looked everywhere and still didn’t find anyone suitable for it, the destiny wants you to do the role, so he accepted it because it is a great role and he loved the script too.

Aamir Khan is now working on his film Laal Singh Chaddha and he will be doing Mogul sometime after that because the perfectionist gives his full heart to only one film and picks the other one after that.

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