Aamir Khan’s daughter, Ira Khan, opened up about her mental health. The star kid took to her official Instagram handle to tell that she has been suffering from clinical depression over more than four years. Ira initiated the conversation on the occasion of World Mental Health Day which is observed on October 10. Ira Khan shared a video of herself stressing the urgent need to have a conversation on mental health.

In the video, Ira can be heard talking about how she has been in depression for more than four years now. Ira adds about her seeing a doctor and for the past one year she has been wanting to do something for mental health. Yet she tells how she wasn’t sure much about what to do. Ira stressed on her aim urging everyone to speak about mental health and mental illnesses and not shy away from the topic.

Ira said her intention to open up about her journey and clinical depression was a way to let others understand mental illnesses slightly better and know each other better. Ira expresses how she desired to plan on saying so many things and the reason behind why she is doing this. Ira very importantly addresses how depression can affect anyone and everyone and further added how things can be really confusing and stressful and at the same time simple and okay.

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In a heartfleft post, Ira honestly tried to open up and share her jouney along many others. Ira feels it is a high time that people should stop stigmatizing mental health. She concluded by requesting everyone to join her journey and start the converstaion. Ira added how she has figured some stuff out about mental illnesses to make it slightly understandable but there’s a long way to go for it.