The suicide of Tamil film producer Ashok Kumar on November 21 has left the Tamil film industry in shock. Ashok Kumar had left a suicide note in which he alleged that film financier Madurai Anbu had threatened him and his family with dire consequences if he didn’t return loans to the tune of several crores. The police are on the look out for Madurai Anbu as per reports.

Ashok Kumar’s relative, director Sasi Kumar has filed an FIR against Madurai Anbu. Meanwhile, actor and President of the Tamil Film Producer Council, Vishal has issued a statement on his social media page condemning the pressure by film financiers. The Tamil film industry is expected to come together to find a solution for this.

Here is the full text of Vishal’s note:

“Devastated to hear the sad demise of a Dear Friend, Ashok Kumar who sacrificed his life succumbing to the pressure created by Financiers…

I truly wish that this will be the last Sacrifice in the name of Financial burden…

Suicide is not a solution & I hereby request Producers to reach out to us if they face such threats from Financiers, we will be more than happy to help them out.

It’s time, we put an end to such Financiers who harass producers & conduct kattapanjayathu. We wish all Producers stay united and work towards the welfare of each one of us.

I request the Police to take stringent action and bring justice to the innocent’s death & also consider this as a Murder & not Suicide…

This is a direct warning to all Financiers, like minded people & so called federations who extort money, more than the stipulated interest & to the people who harass honest Producers & family members.

It is high time, all you people who have been conducting Kangaroo Courts time and again to stop harassing Producers, it’s time for U all to Run, since this death will be the last death and it will be an example to bring out all atrocities that’s been happening in the Tamil film Industry.

We as Producers will stand united and put an end to this come what may…

Vishal, (Another Affected Producer),

President, Tamil Film Producer Council.”


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