In a country like India where the entertainment industry enjoys a fair share of public attention and following, the entertainers (actors and actresses) are often left disappointed over the intense scrutiny they are subjected to in their personal lives. The internet has put all the secret books in open and the tabloids want to make a maximum of the huge traffic presence, even if it is at the hands of someone’s personal space. Time and again Bollywood celebrities have voiced against such low practices, calling out various websites for posting rumoured stories without fact checking to gain more clicks. The latest to slam the biased media and their blind items (rumoured stories) is actress Parineeti Chopra who feels the celebrity blind items have gone “out of control” and they need to stop.

Rumours of rift between two female co-stars working on the same project are not a new thing in Bollywood. Websites keep waiting for such movies to dish out some interesting but at the same time inaccurate news to their readers. The stories have led to a widely accepted perception that two female stars can never be on the same terms in Bollywood. However, Parineeti Chopra seems to disagree with the widespread thought and believes that the actresses gel well among themselves both on and off the set. Stating that she has always worked opposite a host of female stars she never felt any differences with either one of them.

“I started with a film [Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl; 2011] where there were four girls. I did another film Shudh Desi Romance (2013) with another female actress [Vaani Kapoor] as the main lead. My last film, Golmaal Again (2017), had about 19 actors in all. There was Tabu ma’am and me and there was all the love in the world. So, there can actually be scenarios where [female] co-actors get along and work very well together,” Parineeti told Hindustan Times.

She also opened up on facing the backlash of such blind items and reckoned that she herself has been on the receiving end. Parineeti explained further that some statements made by the public figures are taken out of proportion. She said one statement is picked out of the lot which is then furbished to an extent that it becomes a gossip and goes on to become a rumoured story. “I feel that a single statement [made] by somebody becomes a gossip, and then it travels until it gets bigger and becomes a rumoured story. That’s what I believe in and I, myself, have seen it. There could be one percent truth in something but by the time it reaches these blind items, it becomes something else altogether,” she was quoted as saying in the HT report.

Earlier in October this year, actress Sonam Kapoor expressed her anger when a website published a false story or a blind item about a catfight between her and her Veere Di Wedding co-star Kareena Kapoor. She posted her opinion on her twitter handle and lashed out at the media for propagating fake stories. “Dear websites, you can put out as many ‘blind items’ (a.k.a gossip you were too lazy to fact check) as you like pitting women against each other, it may get you clicks but it won’t be the truth. Must you insist on shoving this tired patriarchal concept of women fighting into our film (which is not about road trip) as if grown, intelligent women have nothing better to do,” she wrote.

“We will continue to be actual friends and try and make a kick a** movie and prove that women can work with each other, get along and have a blast,” the post continued.

Talking about Sonam’s stand against blind items, Parineeti lauded her Bollywood counter-part and said it was unfair on their part to become victims of false rumours. “She (Sonam) addressed a bigger point there that two female actors can work together. Spreading rumours at our cost is not fair. We work day and night to be as professional and loving as we can, and one rumoured blind item can spoil it all,” said Parineeti.

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