Akshay Kumar turns 52 today and he is celebrating his birthday in London with wife and kids. In a recent interview, he talked about the challenges faced by the star kids. He said that there should be a rule that no kid will be shoot without their consent or until they decide to come in the limelight. It is not good to put them on social media and let them face the criticism. He said that star kids already had a lot of criticism to handle, it is nor good to kill their innocence.

He revealed that his daughter wanted to stay at home on his birthday and did not want to go out because of paparazzi outside and she hates them, she hates the flashlight that comes on her way. She didn’t like to get snapped while going with her family, friends, relatives on anybody.

He said even his son Aarav do not like to get clicked after coming back from the gym because them it goes viral on social media that how sweaty the kid is looking in the photos. Akshay added that talking about their looks and troll them on social media is not justice to their personal life they should not be dragged into all this until and unless they don’t want to face the camera.

Mission Mangal actor seemed upset on spotting his family and troubling them for no reasons, actor advised everybody to keep a check on it and think before entering into the privacy of a kid. It is not Akshay’s kids even the star kids always get snapped by paparazzi, how anyone could forget Taimur on this.

Parents Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor khan said a lot of times that they want to offer a normal life to their child Taimur and want to keep him away from this harsh light.  They decided to send their kid in Londons boarding school so that he need not face paparazzi and can be brought up in normal life. 

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