‘Bathtub journalism’ is a new word that has appended to media coverage after the sensational coverage of Sridevi’s death. The news that the veteran actress died shocked the entire country, but what came after that was more shocking. Media industry jumped into conclusions to find out the circumstances under which the actress died. Be it using graphics showing Sridevi in her hotel room in Dubai where she died or actually jumping into the bathtub to explain her death, media persons crossed every line to raise their TRPs.

After reading a number of opinions that talked about the shameful coverage, a recent post by actor Amala Akkineni has raised an important point with her powerful lines. The actress’ Facebook post starts with the lines “Will you let me age gracefully?” In the post, she questions media that what are the chances that will they ever let he what she want to be. Is there any chance that if she doesn’t maintain to look good would not make any headline next day? The actress is continuously asking media that would it ever let her lead the life the way she wants it to be. “Will you let me walk through my day with peace and calm without the endless messages to attend events teeming with emptiness?” asks the actress. You can read the entire post here:

Will you let me age gracefully?Will you let me age gracefully without needing to comment on how tired I look or the…

Posted by Amala Akkineni on Tuesday, 27 February 2018

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In the past few days, the media industry has actually raised a lot of question about an extent they can go to when it comes to covering the celebrity issues. Not only have they missed the other important issues but have taken a celebrity death to another level. Amala Akkineni is not wrong in whatever she has written. The actress seems to be scared that what if media will not report the news regarding her in a good way as most of the times it does. So the actress’ concern that has been shown in the post is somewhat substantial.

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