Days after the demise of ‘Black Panther’ star Chadwick Boseman, AMC Theatres chain have decided to pay tribute to the actor by re-releasing his ’42’ in theatres at a discounted price.
According to Variety, the theatre chain conducted a poll among its fans on social media to decide which of Boseman’s films is to be re-released in his honour.

Fans were asked to choose one film other than the famous marvel classic ‘Black Panther.’ ’42’ which is the biopic of Jackie Robinson, features Boseman in the character of Robinson, the baseman for the Brooklyn Dodgers who became the first African American in the Major Leagues in 1947 overcoming the race barriers.

AMC theatres partnered with Warner Bros and the studios behind the film – Legendary – to release it all the open AMC theatres amid the coronavirus pandemic, reported Fox News.
The critically acclaimed actor passed away last week after battling colon cancer for four years.

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Many of Boseman’s friends and colleagues have shared stories of their love and admiration for the actor. MCU cast and crew showed an outpouring of support, from Robert Downey Jr. calling Black Panther the “crowning achievement” of the MCU, to the film’s director, Ryan Coogler, saying that Boseman lived “a beautiful life.” Spike Lee simply shared a selection of scenes from Da 5 Bloods on Instagram. Boseman’s 42 co-star, Harrison Ford, also paid tribute in a powerful statement, sharing that Boseman was “as much of a hero as any he played.”

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