Moving to a new city becomes even harder when you have big dreams and very few known people. “Anupriya Parmar” left her city to move to Mumbai in search of an opportunity to become the next big face of the industry. With bigger dreams come way more hard work and dedication. Anupriya was always keen to try for every audition she was summoned to.

Her appearance in social media has been eye-catching for many and her interest in dance made her even more popular with time. Though her online appearance was big to make it big in the industry took her some time and a lot of many auditions. Anupriya is a high believer in God and that is the reason she never gave up on going to repetitive auditions to achieve her dream to become the chosen one.

From working in the TV serials to the big screen, Anupriya made it through her talent. She was not only seen in popular shows like CID, Crime petrol but also in the most seen serials including Jana Na Dil Se Door, Qubool Hai, Mere Sai, Krishna Kahnaiya, and many more. Anupriya is known to be patient and that helped her to even come up with a new role in an online series called #Kismat. With time she also got an opportunity to work in a film and the movie ‘Penalty’ was finally released on the 19th of July 2019 giving her new achievements in the industry.

Anupriya Parmar has not just worked with the Hindi industry but also did her debut in a song in Gujarat. She is also heard to have signed new projects with the Gujarati film industry making it obvious for her audience to experience her acting skills. Anupriya proudly says that ‘one should stay positive and work hard on themselves. Anyone can achieve anything; for that, you have to just believe in yourself.’