Telugu film ‘Arjun Reddy’ grossed over Rs 50 crore in the first two weeks of its release and is today a cult film for the youth. It is being remade in Tamil with Chiyaan Vikram’s son Dhruv who is making his film debut. Now, news is that it is none other than director Bala who will be helming this project.

Director Bala first worked with Chiyaan Vikram in ‘Sethu’ which also went on to become a cult film. This flick was again a love story with a young college rowdy deeply in love with a Brahmin girl. The movie was a turning point in Vikram’s career and went on to win National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Tamil in 1999. Bala and Vikram worked together on ‘Pithamagan’ as well.

Now, it looks like Vikram wants his son Dhruv to make his debut with a bang and getting Bala on board is a move in that direction. Bala is known to make raw, intense films and the Tamil remake of ‘Arjun Reddy’ could see some changes in that direction. ‘Arjun Reddy’ has catapulted its hero Vijay Devarakonda to another level. And it looks like Vikram wants to make sure Dhruv also gets to start his career with a good film. Since this flick is about a young college boy set in the city, it will be right up his alley.

Other details like the heroine have not been announced. While Shalini Pandey played the love interest in the Telugu version, someone else may be signed on for this project. The music was by Radhan and he could be roped in for this flick considering he has worked in three Tamil films earlier. Let’s wait and watch for more announcements on this Tamil remake!