Avengers Endgame trailer: Recently the trailer of Avengers: End Game was released which has managed to get 47 million in just one day. Avengers End Game will release on December 26, 2018. The trailer arrived yesterday showing all the Avengers shattered after the events of Avengers Infinity War. The last segment of Avengers had a pretty amazing story which the antagonist Thanos collects all the infinity stones and snaps his gauntlet to kill half of the universe. The snap of Thanos has been named as decimation by the Marvel Studios. The duo director Russo brothers arrived on the game awards to give the award to the fortnite game and everyone was expecting the trailer on the show but it didn’t happen. Both the directors arrived and before announcing the winner they snapped their fingers which was an indication to the upcoming trailer.

The trailer of Avengers Eng Game has a lot of easter eggs and clues of what might happen in the movie as the Avengers prepare for their final fight against the mighty Thanos. The trailer starts with Tony Stark stranded on the guardian’s ship with no one to accompany him and he is recording a video for his wife Pepper Potts. He is talking about how he is lucky to die in the arms of the universe. The ship’s oxygen level will last only one day and then he might die in the ship. Then we see Marvel Studios logo which is fading away like the people who died after the Thanos snap. We can clearly see the suit of Thanos in a scar crow avatar. Which reminds us of the comic reference of Infinity Gauntlet where after Thanos snaps and kills half the universe he decides to live a farmer life and use his suit as a scarecrow. Then Black Widow, Captain America and Thor are seen mourning over the deaths of all the people and finally, they are accepting their defeat. The surprise and shock of the trailer is Jeremy Renner the former Hawkeye.

We can see he is killing Yakuza in Japan and his new suit reveals the origin of the character Ronin. Black widow is sent to bring Clint back to the team. In the end of the trailer Scott Lang is seen outside the house where Captain America and Black widow are sitting. But how did he came out of the Quantum Realm? Who pulled him out? We will find out about everything in the next full trailer of Avengers End Game.

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