It seems that the equity and fan following of actor Ayushmann Khurrana is soaring and this is evident because an Ayushmann themed baby shower is currently going viral on the internet!

Palak R Chaudhary is a die-hard fan of the star and she posted online saying, “Throwback to most amazing surprise of my life!! My SURPRISE baby shower party planned by this awesome set of ladies who just know how make me happy! This was an out and out crazy, one of a kind – “Ayushmann” themed party. Yes you read me right! The crazy fan I am, these girls planned it all for me and how!”

She added, “Right from the cool creatives to the thematic cakes & cutlery too, they did it all by themselves. Thank you so much for an unforgettable memory for life! Who knew, few months later I’d give birth to this baby on @Ayushmann’s birthday itself! Too much of coincidence to believe right but YES! It did happen! Sumeir shares his birthday with Mr. Khurrana”

Palak explains, “I also happened to meet the Man himself a few days before I popped and he himself was amazed at the idea of a baby shower themed on “him”. Feel grateful. blessed and Lucky to have such friends in life. Thanks to my darling @rohanvchaudhary for helping them execute this by getting me there and ensuring I don’t get the slightest hint of this plan and finally heartfelt gratitude to my favourite @ayushmannk for always being super kind in showering his love to this fan PS: I was so overwhelmed by this, I couldn’t sleep for straight two nights.”

Ayushmann also discovered the video online and posted it on his social media saying, “This is so cute!”