Ban Netflix India: From starting campaigns such as Ban Netflix India, Boycott Surf Excel, Red Label, and many more, is Hinduism being used just as a weapon to stoke a controversy? After a member of Shiv Sena filed a complaint against Netflix India yesterday, Ban Netflix is trending all day on twitter over alleging that the US streaming giant is painting an “incorrect picture” of India globally via series such as Sacred Games, Ghoul, Leila, Patriot Act.

Creating a massive outrage on social media, Ramesh Solanki, the complainant, said the shows- Sacred Games, Ghoul, Patriot Act, and Leila show a deep-rooted Hinduphobia and portrays the country in a bad light. With the internet and social media having a flash-from-the-past and a short temper moment, the difference between reel and real life is non-existent for many people. Netflix is not the only multinational which has been at the receiving end of the outrage, Zomato, McDonald’s and Amazon have also been targeted in this free-for-all.

Many in India and abroad celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi on September 2, 2019, when a hashtag started trending on twitter #BanRedLabel. A year-old advertisement over seemed to have incensed some Indians who took the ad to be offensive against Hindus. Many took to their twitter handles to share their opinions. Some felt the ad insulted Hindus on Ganesh Chaturthi while others said the video looked more like picking on Hindus, and showing them biased and prejudiced, rather than encouraging a sense of nationalism and secularism.

Be it tea, detergent, web series, fashion, or anything else the internet and politicians leave no opportunity to harvest one’s outrage using Hinduism as a weapon. Picking on Brooke Bond Red Label again, the video of a Hindu man abandoning his father in Kumbh Mela went viral this year. Rather than looking at the harsh reality of life, a section of society took offense and started the Boycott Hindustan Unilever trend. Adding his heft to the fire, yoga guru and Patanjali boss Baba Ramdev likened HUL to Britishers and asked Hindus to boycott HUL.

The HUL ad may have touched on the sad realities of life, but unluckily the internet has a short temper and is sold on patriotism. On Holi, a cute advertisement of Surf Excel was the topic that left many angry. The ad showed a girl protecting her Muslim friend from colours and water balloons and it went viral this year but regrettably for all the wrong reasons. In return, the internet banned Surf Excel and poured the detergent down the drain accusing the makers as being anti-Hindu.

McDonald’s was the object of ire over halal meat, the ad showed how one can ask the respective restaurant managers to show you a proof for your satisfaction and confirmation to which the internet again started a trend. If you don’t want to end up like Zomato, ensure jhatka meat is served and hence the hashtag started trending.\

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Well, this isn’t all, a while back, a man who had ordered on Zomato refused to take delivery from a non-Hindu delivery man. When the Zomato founder said he isn’t sorry to lose any business that comes in way of his values, boycott Zomato started trending overnight. 

With every daily object having offended some stance, we wonder what a true Hindu will be allowed to use. Clothes – no, Detergent- no, tea- no, food- no, now after Ban on Netflix India controversy, even watching a series for recreation is a crime for a true Hindu. The sense behind this ilk of hashtag revolution is illogical since it seems a distraction from a serious issue than Being The Issue.  

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