In the previous episode of Bepannah, Zoya wakes up and finds sun rays falling directly on Aditya’s face and tries to cover it up and Aditya sleeps silently. Zoya feels good but she also wants to leave. Aditya moves his hands in his sleep. His hand falls on a glass but Zoya saves places her hands before.  Read on below to find out what happens in tonight’s episode of Bepannah.

9:00-06 PM: Zoya and Aditya get awkward seeing each other close. Zoya leaves in a hurry. Arjun calls Aditya to check if he needs a pickup. Aditya declines. Arjun turns to find Noor but she has already left. He gets hold of Noor’s book. Zoya returns home and Yash’s mother gets angry. Mahi comes and saves Zoya. Zoya declares that she will go and meet Ashish and everything will be alright.

9:07-12 PM: Bella comes and gives another event organising contract to Aditya. Aditya leaves without paying any attention. One of the staff calls Zoya to inform about it. Mahi tries to convince her mother to not scold Zoya again. As if she stays away she will slowly discover that the house is in her name and then she may throw them out. Zoya comes in front and they both think Zoya has heard all. But incidentally, Zoya says that she is going to meet Ashish and Mahi plans to accompany her to know all about it before.

9:13-15 PM: Someone comes and gives Ashish a packet of money. Ashish says that he won’t say anything. Zoya calls him but he cuts the call. Zoya is tensed.Aditya receives the marriage card of Harman and decides to find out what’s happening.Zoya asks the flat owner where Ashish is. He says that he has paid six months advance rent and has left. Zoya is worried. Mahi tries to convince her that Aditya is behind all these.

 9:17-30 PM: One of the organisers says that Pooja spent a lot of time there. She also shows Shakshi that Aditya is there. Sakshi goes and talks to him. Aditya is almost on the verge of breaking down but he leaves. A kid comes and asks where Pooja is as she was going to pay him a visit during his birthday. He fails to say anything. More kids join and start calling Pooja a cheater. Aditya gets all the flashbacks where she was holding Yash’s hands. 9:17-30

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