“One can’t get pearls while sitting at the shore, they need to dive deep in the vast sea to find the beautiful pearl of success.”. We all have been taught from the beginning that there is no shortcut for success but ironically today everyone is in a rat race striding to complete personal goals and saving time wherever they can. Thus, we tend to forget that ‘Rome was not built in one day’ and not everything can be done in a timespan of a snap especially when it comes to art. Even at a place like Mumbai aspiring artists are lured into a facade with short-term courses claiming to make them professionals. Hence, with the vision of changing the industry, Nandan Jha came up with his institute Placing dreams.

Mantra for Success

Placing dreams believes that “providing entertainment is the responsibility of every artist and they should always try to outdo their past self even if they have to practice 1000 times before the act”. The institute tries to inculcate the value of discipline and dedication in the life of an artist. There are already plenty of examples of people who initially succeeded to land a job at some pretty respectable place but after some time they were nowhere to be seen, it happens due to the lack of constant improvement and hard work which restrains them from evolving into a better artist. Institute’s primary focus is to provide the practical experience required to work. Students get the chance to interact with actors, directors, editors while assisting big production houses. It’s the beauty of this industry that even after coming from a very ordinary background anyone can create a fortune if they have the creativity, dedication, and ambition to survive in such a competitive environment. Being creative can’t be taught to anyone but an institute can polish them which creates the difference between a trained and untrained actor hence, Nandan Jha appointed a top-notch faculty team. The faculty at Placing Dreams focuses on each student so they can get the attention they need. When the students are aware of their weaknesses and strengths it becomes easy for them to find a comfortable place in the industry.

Beginning of a Legacy

When an institute provides such exhaustive training, success becomes inevitable, which can be seen in the network of alumni the institute has. Some recent triumphs include Ritesh Patel who made a debut in a Telegu movie after working in a daily show for zee network, Sanyukta Sharma is working as creative director for Sath nibhana sathiya 2, Poonam Jha is working as an actor for Yash raj films, Amit Jha is also working as an actor for a Netflix series and this is just the beginning of this glorious list of achievements by the students of this institute. Placing Dreams is changing the industry by changing the paradigm from being money-oriented to becoming focused on student’s success. So, Placing Dreams and Nandan Jha together have made it possible to pick up the nuances of Cinema in its entirety today.