Beyhadh 2 spoiler alert: Jennifer Winget and Shivin Narang show Beyhadh 2 is showcasing one of the most thriller episodes of all time, as in the earlier season Maya was seen hitting Vikram, as he tries to touch her inappropriately. As soon as she tries to rescue from the house she gets a shock to see Niketa as she was held captive by Vikram.

In the upcoming episode, Maya will regain her memory and she sensed the evil intentions of Vikram, so she plans to murder Vikram and get rid of him. According to her plan, she will prepare a poison using apple seeds and will bake a pie for him.

Meanwhile, some happen unusual will happen in Maya’s life which will change her life, ash her mother will cut her writs and die. On the other hand, Rudra is in search of Maya as she is tracing every corner of the street to reach out to her.

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At one point the duo met in a club, but somehow they could face each other. It will be interesting to see, will Maya able to take revenge from Vikram and MJ, or it is all planned by MJ  for Maya? Rudra and Maya’s love blossom? Indeed, the show makers have added all the spice to show to fetch TRP, amid novel coronavirus outbreak, the shoots have been canceled, so few of the episodes will be on-air then it won’t. Till now the infected case in India has crossed 500 mark.

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