On the special day of Bhai Dooj, legendary Bollywood singer Lata Mangeshkar has shared a very special message for Indian soldiers. The iconic singer took to her Twitter account on Friday night, a day before Bhai Dooj, and showed gratitude towards the brave soldiers of the Indian army by saluting them. While greeting the troops, the Bollywood nightingale credited the army and said India is because of its soldiers.”I salute the soldiers of our Indian Army. I am one of your sisters, who really respect you,” Mangeshkar said while greeting the soldiers in her Twitter video which she shared last night.

It’s a truth. India is because of its soldiers. And we are because of India.” Mangeshkar added. The iconic singer who recently celebrated her 88th birthday has given vocals to myriad everlasting patriotic songs throughout her illustrious career said that she is forever ready to do anything for the Indian troops. Albeit this isn’t the first time the celebrated singer has showered praise for the Indian Army, the iconic singer has remained vocal in showing her love and respect towards the Indian soldiers throughout her immortal music career.In 2016, the Bharat Ratna awardee on her 87th birthday urged her jubilant fans to remember the brave Indian soldiers, who are guarding our borders and contribute in the Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualties fund.

“Every year, on my birthday, thousands of you send me flowers, sweets, cakes, greeting cards… This year, I humbly request you all, instead of sending me these things, that money and as much as you can give, please give it to our brave soldier brothers,” Lata was quoted as saying on her 87th birthday last year. “I believe that mother, father, teacher, motherland and the guardians of the motherland, our brave soldiers… Whatever we do for them, it is not enough,” Lata added.