Bharat is reluctant to take the chair but accepts and as soon as he assumes office, starts to make changes for the betterment of the people. Promises, responsibility, and accountability are what drive Bharat to be a good CM but the position comes with its own set of thorns. Vested and corrupt political interests try to mar his efforts and try to remove him as CM. Does Bharat manage to remove the nepotism in the system? Who are the corrupt politicians trying to destroy him? Does Bharat succeed as a CM?

There were a lot of expectations when Mahesh Babu signed this film with director Koratala Siva. And director Koratala Siva and Mahesh Babu have delivered on their promise of a good, entertaining political drama. The story of a new age politician, who wants make his state one of the best and give what the people need, may be predictable but it has been well-written. The script is tight and the film moves seamlessly keeping the audience engaged for nearly three hours.

One of the highlights is some of the hard-hitting dialogues that Mahesh Babu delivers with a punch in his thoroughly enjoyable understated performance. Sample this: “No matter what the difficulties I shouldn’t go back on my promise….because I’m a man. We are living in a society. People should have fear and responsibility. Promise!” The movie also weaves in numerous incidents from real-life like the assembly sessions, the hike in traffic fines, independent candidates in elections, and so on.

Mahesh Babu is the perfect choice for Bharat and the subtle yet powerful performance he delivers is a treat for the audience. At the same time, director Koratala Siva also seems to have tailor-made the role for him – Bharat is suave and sophisticated given that he lives in London, but has strong ties to their tradition and family thanks to his mother.

Actress Kiara Advani, as the love interest of Bharat, has made an excellent debut in Tollywood with this film. The cinematography by Ravi K Chandran makes Mahesh Babu look more Herculean on screen as does music director Devi Sri Prasad’s BGM. ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’ promises great entertainment and delivers on it thanks to Mahesh Babu and Koratala Siva.

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