Anees Bazmee’s horror comedy film Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 is out now, and NewsX has an exclusive interview with the cast.

According to Kartik Aryan, the director of the film was the first thing that drew him to it because he told a larger-than-life comic plot. He goes on to claim that the two have been intending to collaborate for a long time.

Kartik says he was a fan of Bhool Bhulaiyaa, but when the sequel was offered to him, he was ecstatic because the earlier narrative had been such a success.

Kartik further stated of his approach to the character “I didn’t let myself be influenced by the prior character. It was a new plot with fresh characters, so I simply followed the vision of my authors and director.”

While taling to Kiara Advani, she stated “The entire shoot process was effortless. The sequence with Monjolika piqued my interest the most, although I haven’t stepped into anyone’s shoes because the character has a unique and fresh perspective.”

She goes on to explain that the plot appears to be full of twists and turns. According to Kiara, the scene with Monjollika was something she had been anticipating since the narrations began.

Despite the fact that Bhool Bhulaiyaa 1 was a cult hit, Kiara believes that creating a new and fresh story set in the same environment is fascinating.

Later, director Anees Bazmee indicated that if the script is strong, the producers, actors and directors will be eager to work on it.