Discovery+, country’s first and leading aggregated real-life entertainment streaming app releases trailer of ‘Bhuj: The Day India Shook’ today, uncovering one of the most damaging earthquakes that hit India, back in 2001. Premiering on 11th June, this special premium documentary emphasises on a story of bravery, heroism, miracle rescuers, misfortune, tragedy, and hope.

The incident is uncovered through exceptional storytelling skills of veteran Indian actor, mentor, and author Anupam Kher. It documents the survivors of the quake, gathers eyewitness accounts and first-hand footage of the event. While it documents the unforgettable incident in detail, it also shines light upon stories of resilience and the science behind it, making the film heart-warming yet insightful.

The film utilises key archival footage like videos, photographs, newspaper headlines along with Satellite images of Gujarat to demonstrate the mishap and the fallout.

Chief Fire Officer, Rajesh Bhatt (Ahmedabad Fire & Emergency Services), Jim Livingstone, Team Medic (International Rescue Corp), Sumer Chopra, Director at Institute of Seismological Research, Gujarat, Kushala Rajendran, Geologist (Professor (Retd), Centre for Earth Sciences, Bangalore), among other experts along with survivors form the core of the story to encapsulate the specifics of the disaster.

On anchoring the show, multitalented personality Anupam Kher said, “Every little aspect of the incident gave me goosebumps, I can only imagine the kind of impact it might have had on the individuals who experienced it first-hand. Narrating this premium documentary was an emotional journey for me and my heart goes out to every individual, every survivor, every family that was impacted by this unforeseen disaster. It also fills me with pride being the face of this special documentary and take this story to every corner of this country because I truly believe, the strength of such heroes must be celebrated”.

Bhuj: The Day India Shook premiering on June 11, the premium documentary captures first-person accounts of survivors, rescuers, journalists, photographers, and top earth scientists shining light upon stories of resilience and the science behind it.