Priyank Sharma’s ex-girlfriend Divya Agarwal who has been quite unhappy with her former beau’s behaviour on the show recently entered the house and it was an emotional meeting for the former love birds. After the meeting, Divya cried for almost 45 minutes. She shared her experience of meeting Priyank in an interview with International Business Times. “Initially, I thought I will shout at him and vent out my anger but the moment I saw him, I couldn’t stop myself. Whatever I had thought just disappeared. Because he was in a freeze position, his eyes spoke a lot. And just looking at that I became numb. I was heavily breathing, it was a 10-minute chat. I don’t know how much will be shown. It was a one-sided conversation as he wasn’t allowed to talk,” she said.

Divya also narrated how Priyank kept on screaming her name even after she was out of the house. “No. The moment I left, he started screaming my name ‘D’ – I could hear it till outside. I sat in my vanity van for 45 minutes just crying. All I thought about was our times together. I completely forgot all the wrongs he did. I advised him about the show, I spoke about us. I hope he changes and becomes real,” she added.

Divya has been pretty vocal about how Priyank’s antics inside the house have hurt her. In an episode, Sharma talked about her girlfriend in US. His closeness with Benafsha Soonawala on the Bigg Boss also did not go down well with her. “Even if they are doing this to win the game, I feel cheated. There are other contestants as well who have come in the show with the same goal of winning it, but they are not resonating to such cheap tactics. I am most upset with Benafsha. She and I belong to the same friend circle, still she is doing all these things with Priyank. He can’t take me for granted and it is better to end the relationship,” she had said in an earlier interview.