Bigg Boss 11 has been grabbing all attention all thanks to the high voltage drama, interesting and amusing twists and new surprises for the viewers and contestants. Bigg Boss 11 has also witnessed friends becoming enemies and enemies becoming friends. We have seen best friends like Priyank Sharma and Vikas Gupta turning friends to foe, and rivals Shilpa and Vikas, who were fighting since day one become friends now. This proves that there is nothing permanent in the Bigg Boss house. After there was a twist in the process of nominations in the nominations special episode, we witnessed many contestants like Priyank, Hiten, Luv and Benafsha make sacrifices to save their friends from the nominations.

However, while it was understood that Priyank saved Hiten, Luv saved Hina and Benafsha saved Priyank, what came as a shock was when in the coming episode, we would see Vikas sacrificing his favorite jacket which is very close to his heart for none other than Shilpa Shinde, who once made life hell for him in the show and has been picking up fights with him since day one.  The foes-tuned-friends are indeed making the show entertaining for the viewers as we are not able to decide whether they hate each other or they love each other.

As per sources, Vikas Gupta happily sacrificed his favourite jacket which was very close to his heart to save Shilpa from nominations. His sweet gesture made Shilpa burst into tears. Shilpa was seen telling him that it is not needed but Vikas said ‘its karma’ and that he would do this for her. This indeed was a sweet gesture from Vikas’s side and he has surely won many hearts including Shilpa’s.