Fights in the Bigg Boss 11 house are far from over as contestants refuse to maintain peace in the house. As the day began, Hina and Vikas at first were bitching and gossiping about each other. Vikas and Sapna believed that it was Hina who asked Luv to stare inappropriately at Arshi. Hiten simply listened to the allegations. Hina, meanwhile, said that Vikas wants to run a dictatorship in the house but she won’t not let it happen. She also claimed that Vikas repeatedly tried to grab Shilpa Shinde’s attention. Arshi claimed Vikas is not as bad as Hina and went on to tell Shilpa that Vikas, despite his faults, believed Shilpa is a better person than Hina. Shilpa said she might forgive him if he apologised.

In the Friday episode of Bigg Boss 11, amidst the captaincy task and all the heated up arguments taking place in the Bigg Boss 11 house, the contestants were given a very interesting task called the ‘Garnier Man Oil Clear’ Task.  In this task, three pairs had to participate – Priyank Sharma – Benafsha Soonawalla, Puneesh Sharma – Bandgi Kalra and Akash Dadlani – Arshi Khan. The three pairs had to cross the task full of hurdles. In the first phase, the men had to cross three obstacles and their partners would clear their face. The pair, which would take the minimum time to overcome all the obstacles, would be declared as the winner.

While Priyank Sharma took 47 seconds to complete the task, Puneesh took 45 seconds and Akash Dadlani at the end finished the entire task on 40 seconds to beat Priyank and Puneesh and became the Man of the Series. Akash couldn’t control his excitement and did an extremely funny dance which brought a smile on everyone’s face. He later jumped into the pool with joy as Hiten handed him over his gift hamper from Garnier.

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