The Bigg Boss 11 house has witnessed many things which were never seen in the previous seasons. May it be Puneesh and Bandgi’s intimate moments or the deadly fights between Shilpa and Vikas, the contestants have surely crossed their limits in the controversial reality show. Another contestant, Akash Dadlani, who has always been making news for his unpredictable behaviour and conduct in the Bigg Boss house, has now crossed all the limits and has kissed co-contestant Shilpa Shinde without her consent. In a video which has surfaced on the internet on Wednesday, Akash Dadlani is seen kissing Shilpa Shinde even after she tries her best to push him away. When his act made Shilpa angry, Akash’s filthy response was that what can she do now since I have already kissed her.

In the 13-second video which has gone viral on the internet, Puneesh Sharma, Shilpa and Akash are standing in the garden area and suddenly Akash forces a kiss on Shilpa’s lips. She snubs him saying, ‘’Bahut maar khaega, thappad khaega abhi. Mujhe nahi baat karna (You will get a slap from me, I don’t want to talk to you).” But he continues troubling her, holds her forcibly and says, “Kya karegi, haan? Kya karegi? (What will you do?)”. Recently, Akash was also seen telling Shilpa Shinde to rub lotion on his butt as he apparently had developed boils there.

However, this has obviously irked many people and Shilpa Shinde’s fan club just posted the video of Akash trying to kiss Shilpa on her lips and wrote, ““Wtf? This is totally Sexual Harassment. What a shameful act by Akash Dadlani. @BeingSalmanKhan Sir, you need to take action. Bigg Boss isn’t a safe place for women right now. Mr. Akash Dadlani you’ll have to pay for this stupid act. #EvictAkashDadlani #JusticeForShilpa #BB11”. 

Shilpa and Akash earlier shared a good relationship with the Bigg Boss house and Akash even used to call Shilpa his mother. However, in the past few weeks, things turned sour between both the contestants.