Bigg Boss 11 is getting spicier by the day. On one end there seems to be no end to Shipa Shinde and Vikas Gupta’s fights and on the other lovebirds, Bandagi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma are crossing all limits on the show to grab eyeballs. In a recent episode, the couple was caught kissing on camera for a long time after the lights went out. The make out session started with Puneesh Sharma asking Bandagi for a kiss and continued for more than five minutes in full camera view.

Earlier, Bandagi Kalra’s boyfriend Dennis Nagpal had dumped her on Instagram for indulging in excessive PDA with Sharma. “I have removed all pictures with @bandgikalra. Please don’t ask why I don’t have pictures if we were dating. P.S: She never deserved me,” Nagpal had written. In an earlier episode of the show Bandagi and Puneesh were discussing the future of their relationship when Puneesh, who is going through a divorce himself, asked her to dump Dennis. What is interesting is that Puneesh and Dennis were friends with each other before the start of the show. A TV producer by profession, Dennis had expressed displeasure with growing proximity between Bandagi and Puneesh earlier on micro-blogging site Twitter as well. But his recent Insta story seems to be final nail in the coffin as far their relationship is concerned.

Meanwhile, Priyank Sharma who has entered the show as a wildcard contestant revealed to Bandagi that Sharma is already married and has a kid. Puneesh Sharma, however, denied it when Bandagi confronted him about the same. Love affairs inside the Bigg Boss house are pretty common. While some of these love stories seem real, most are just a part of the strategy on contestants’ part to survive on the show. Now it would be interesting to see how far Bandagi and Puneesh’s love story goes after the show.