With nearly just a week left for the finale, the contestants in the Bigg Boss 11 house refuse to sort out their differences and live in Peace. Soon after Vikas Gupta felt that everyone was teaming up against him and he eventually isolated himself, its now Shilpa Shinde who has become the latest target of the housemates as Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta and Akash Dadlani once again started a fight with Shilpa over food. It all began when in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Hina called Shilpa unhygienic and because of this, Shilpa told Puneesh that she wouldn’t cook for anyone in the house.

Soon after Akash tells Hina that Shilpa is not going to cook food for them as Vikas is cooking his own food, Hina gets furious and tells her that when someone makes food, the person asks everyone. Shilpa tells her that she doesn’t ask anyone. Shilpa then reminds Hina that the parathas she ate were cooked by her. Vikas Gupta intervenes and tells Shilpa that he made the parathas. Shilpa asks him who made the stuffing and Vikas reply that she did that so that it doesn’t go waste. He tells Shilpa that they were going to eat normal paratha and egg. Shilpa tells Vikas to agree that she made the paratha and starts shouting. Vikas gets annoyed and tells Shilpa that it’s good she made it and thanks her sarcastically.

Shilpa doesn’t stop and shows Hina the paratha she made for her. Vikas asks Hina they didn’t even say anything then why is she doing all this? Hina tells Shilpa that she makes extra food so that next day it becomes stale and everyone else has to eat it. The fight gets worse when Akash Dadlani also joins them against Shilpa. They all leave the kitchen area and go to sit in the garden area leaving Shilpa alone. Soon after, Shilpa has an emotional breakdown. With all contestants nominated for the final week, let’s see who will be the first one to get evicted from the Bigg Boss house.

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