This week, evicted contestant, Arshi Khan, was in the house. She gave a task to the housemates in which they had to take out contestants’ meanness towards each other in which Vikas had emerged as the winner. In the previous episode, a task was given to the housemates. As per the next level of ‘Arshi Chahti Hai’ task, Vikas has become the dictator of the house, who has limitless power over the housemates. Vikas has to drive other contestants, Hina, Shilpa and Puneesh, to push the buzzer. If the contestants press the buzzer, three lakh rupees would be deducted from the prize money and it would be awarded to Vikas.

In the upcoming episode, Hina Khan will be asked to sacrifice her coffee that she has specially kept to give her parents. During the task, Vikas will ask her to pour the entire coffee in a bowl filled with water. Hina, who is very emotional about such things, will request Vikas not to do this to her but Vikas won’t listen to her and will remain adamant. Hina then begins muttering and asks Vikas to not target things to which she is emotionally attached. However, Vikas, who is enjoying his game, continues to irk Hina even more.

A few minutes later Hina loses her cool and shouts at Vikas telling him that he has no sentiments as he asked her to destroy his (Vikas’s) own family picture by stamping on it. However, eventually, Hina chooses to play the game and does what she is asked to do. Things get serious after Vikas asks Hina to tell things about Shilpa that she doesn’t like. The task would get even worse when Hina will be asked to destroy a bracelet.

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