As the Bigg Boss 11 journey comes to an end, the equations in the house seem almost unpredictable. In the last task of this season Vikas City, Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta were seen teaming together against Hina Khan. Vikas plays his master card of throwing up a googly against Hina as he instructs her to destroy his personal belongings to test her perseverance. While Puneesh and Shilpa had already given up on their task by pressing the buzzer, Hina was in no mood to let go off of the winning prize amount.

Following all his instructions, Hina pretended to break his bracelet while Vikas was seen getting miffed at how easily she was agreeing to do the tasks. Not just that, Vikas also asks her to step on his mother’s photo that led to a battle of words between the duo. Hina places a cushion below to the picture and pretends to tear it by stepping on it. Later in the day, when Vikas and Shilpa were seen discussing about the task, Shilpa calls Hina disgusting and says she has still not got over Khatron ke Khiladi. Puneesh later defends Hina saying that if Vikas can ask her to step on her mother’s photo for a task, why is it wrong if Hina follows his order to do her task. He adds that Hina did not step on his mother’s photo and they are just over reacting on the same.

As Hina tried to cook her food, Shilpa commented that she knows how to cook but she just pretends like she does not to avoid any responsibility. While Hina Khan says if she knew how to cook, she would not have to depend on anybody else to cook her food. In the end, Bigg Boss announces that Vikas managed to win Rs. 6 lakhs for himself as Puneesh and Shilpa pressed the buzzer but the amount will be deducted from winning prize amount. With the commencement of the last task, all the gharwalahs were seen getting emotional as their journey comes to an end in the Bigg Boss house.

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