Bigg Boss 11 house has surely turned into a battlefield as the brawl between the housemates, that started yesterday, continues inside the Bigg Boss house and the two groups that have been formed are still lashing out at each other and stooping down to a new low. In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 11, we saw that the famous fight between Akash and Benafsha still continued and Akash was claiming that Benafsha has pulled his hair and Bigg Boss should give her a punishment. Later, Akash kept calling Luv and Priyank as Hina’s pets which irked Luv and he threatened Akash for calling him a dog. Luv also said that if Akash calls him doggy once again then he will make him bald. He also threatened to break Akash’s face. Puneesh and Priyank, who got into a massive fight last night, fought again with Hiten and few others trying to stop them but in the process, Puneesh spat on Priyank’s T-shirt in the middle of the heated argument.

Amidst the fight, Bigg Boss announced the luxury budget task. The garden area was converted into space and a makeshift rocket had been placed there. Puneesh was the supervisor of the task while the contestants were astronauts. They had to be inside the rocket at all times. A contestant who decided to leave the rocket would get an opportunity to fight for the captaincy. However, once a contestant leaves, some amount from the winning prize of Rs 50 lakh would get reduced.

As they all sat in the rocket, Arshi commented that she might be the first one to go and Hina told her she knew that she’d do something like that beforehand. Since obviously, they were sitting together, Hina got into a verbal spat with Arshi and Akash. She told them they don’t have any class and said that Arshi will get work outside the house by removing her clothes only. Hina also said that Shilpa is using her power of cooking to be in the house.