Contestants in the Bigg Boss 11 house have been on a roller coaster ride. With each passing day, there is a new challenge for the contestants which also spark fights and create a lot of drama in the Bigg Boss house. After the nominations process, in which the two contestants to get nominated were Akash Dadlani and Shilpa Shinde, it was now time for the captaincy task in which all the contestants of the Bigg Boss house could become the contenders for captaincy. Hina Khan and Arshi Khan immediately started making plans as they really wanted to become the captain.

In the captaincy task called ‘BB Day Care’, the garden area was converted into a children’s park and baby daycare. The housemates had one doll each in different prams and the contestants were assigned one pram each. The contestants had to become babysitters for the doll and had to look after them like babies. The twist in the task was that they had to take care of not their own but the other contender’s child. They also had to park the prams in the daycare when the baby begins to cry. There was one parking slot for each baby. The babysitter who is unable to find a slot will be out of the task.

Although there was no Sanchalak for Round 1, the first one to be out of the task would become the supervisor. Akash had Hiten’s baby while Vikas had Arshi’s child. As the buzzer rang, they rushed for the parking of the prams. Arshi told Vikas that she wanted to become the captain and he gave her a few tips to play the game. As Priyank failed to park the pram, Puneesh was out of the captaincy race. Priyank who was a baby in Shilpa’s pram told her that he wanted to be the captain. Shilpa agreed but said that the condition was he saves Puneesh later on during nominations.

However, in the upcoming episode, the housemates will gear up for the second round of the task. This fun task will definitely turn extreme after Hiten avoids parking his pram in the parking lot, throwing Hina out of the captaincy task. Hina will lose her cool on Hiten and ask him to be a leader and not be a follower. The shocking news is that Arshi Khan will become the new captain of the Bigg Boss 11 house. According to reports, the cleverest contestant Vikas Gupta supports Arshi and makes her the captain of the house.