Bigg Boss 11 is getting stressful with each passing day for contestants with homesickness touching its peak. The makers of the show recently decided to take some stress off participants by giving them a chance to meet their near and dear ones on the show. In today’s episode, Luv Tyagi will meet his father. Luv burst into tears when his father entered the house who tried to console him by saying he is playing very well on the show and their family is really proud of him.

Luv is the only neighbour who is still part of the show. Tyagi has been often criticised by host Salman Khan for not being entertaining enough, but he manages to get saved everytime he is nominated. Earlier, Priyank Sharma’s ex-girlfriend Divya Agarwal had entered the house and hit out at her former beau for hurting her. She later revealed that it was a tough meeting for the duo and she cried for 45 minutes thinking about the good times they both shared.

“Initially, I thought I will shout at him and vent out my anger but the moment I saw him, I couldn’t stop myself. Whatever I had thought just disappeared. Because he was in a freeze position, his eyes spoke a lot. And just looking at that I became numb. I was heavily breathing, it was a 10-minute chat. I don’t know how much will be shown. It was a one-sided conversation as he wasn’t allowed to talk,” Divya later said in an interview.

While most contestants overcame with emotions on seeing their loved ones. Arshi Khan and her father left viewers in splits with their funny meeting. Khan’s father went to each contestant and said funny things to them while they acted like statues. He also offered a piece of his mind to help Arshi survive in the show. Now, it would be interesting to see if Khan follows his advice in the coming episodes or not.