The first day of the New Year began with the song Naya Saal Ka Pehla Jaam and also took the competition to a newer height with the introduction of Mountain BB task. The house witnessed a huge fight between Akash, Hina and Shilpa in the morning. It all began when Akash refused to help in the household chores and taunted Shilpa by calling her a maid. When Hina asks him to sweep the floor, he talked to her rudely and called him a disgusting woman. While Shilpa reminded hina that this is the reason Akash’s mother told them to take care of him, Hina pledges to not talk to him again.

Vikas Gupta introduced the Mountain BB task to all the contestants by reading out the instructions from Bigg Boss. All the contestants had to carry the bags of each other and empty them in order to win the ticket to finale task. There will be multiple rounds and the bags will be measured after every task. Hina Khan was made the sanchalak of the task and had to ensure that the contestant who had the lightest bag at the end of each round will lose that round and reduce his/her chances of reaching the finale. The top two contestants to stay till the end will win the task. As the task started, Akash targeted Hina while Hina targeted Akash. Puneesh supported Akash in emptying out Hina’s bag while Luv helped Hina.

In the face off between Hina and Akash, Hina emerged victorious as she managed to defeat Akash in almost 2 rounds and thereby reducing his chances to win the task. The another contestant to lose a bag was Shilpa Shinde as her bag was lightest after Puneesh and Vikas. Bigg Boss saved Puneesh and Vikas in this task as their bags were torn which made it easier for their opponents to empty out their bags. While Vikas Gupta was seen saving Luv, Luv went against Vikas and tried to empty out his bag. Vikas seemed upset and justified that if he does not empty Luv’s bag, even luv would not do so but he was proved wrong. Shilpa Shinde lashed out at him and said that his tone has changed completely.

At the end of the task, Puneesh, Luv and Akash were seen discussing that in all this mess Vikas would win the ticket to finale and plan to reduce his chances in the Ticket to finale task. With the eviction of Vikas’s good friends Arshi, Hiten and Priyank from the game, the contestant is definitely finding it hard to secure his position in the game. With just two weeks left for the grand finale, competition has taken over friendships as each contestant aims to outscore the other contestant.

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