The year 2018 seems to have started out on a rough note for the Bigg Boss 11 contestants. The underdog of the house Akash Dadlani is back in action and has been the centre of all the latest controversies. In today episode, Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde will be seen lashing out at Akash for not helping in the household chores. Shilpa asks Vikas to tell Akash to do mop the floor, Vikas replies that the contestant is not in the mood to work today. Shilpa replies that it is the first day of the year, he should work because nobody else worked on the previous day as well.

Akash replied to the conversation and said that he’ll do the dishes a night to which Hina replies that you have to work now since the new year has started from today. Akash gets annoyed by Hina’s comment and replied rudely; ‘Abbey Eyy, Don’t talk to me like this’. Hina gets offended by Akash’s language and lashes out at him that he comes to her only when he needs to get his work done. Shilpa joins in and said this is the reason Akash’s mother told them to take care of him. She further adds, “if we get on to ourselves as a result of his actions, then nothing will happen to him. That’s why his mother said take care”.

All the housemates will be performing the ticket to finale task in tonight’s episode. The lawn area in the house will be converted into a large snow mountain. Each contestant will carry the bag of their co contestants and will have to empty each other’s bags to secure their innings in the house. Hina and Shilpa decide to get Akash out of the game while Hina and Akash will team up together to get to the race to finale. Akash will be seen planning with Luv to strategise against Vikas and secure his game. The contestant who will have the heaviest bag will win the task and secure their contendership in the Finale.

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