Bigg Boss is best known for heated arguments, eccentric personalities and twisting game plots but there’s another crucial factor that makes the show such a huge hit among fans. That factor is romance. In the house of feuds and quarrels, there is always romance budding between two housemates. Rapper Akash Dadlani is apparently trying too hard to woo away model Lucinda Nicholas in the Bigg Boss 11. In the episode 11, the two were seen bonding really well while doing the morning yoga in the Bigg Boss house.

Dadlani has turned on his charm since the starting of the show and is leaving no stone unturned to make the beautiful model fall for him. He keeps on flying kisses at her to which she smiles but ignores often. Earlier the rapper was seen asking Lucinda kor a kiss while she was doing her make-up. Although Lucinda rejected his proposal but he stayed persistent on his request. Before leaving her, he requested her to have breakfast with him.

In the Bigg Boss 11 episode 11, it was a different sight in the house as Lucinda has softened her stance towards Akash Dadlani. In the early part of the episode, they both were seen doing yoga in the morning together. Lucinda, who excels in yoga, was having a light time with Dadlani while performing it. Is it romance budding between the two housemates? Has Lucinda fallen to the charm of Akash? Is it pure feelings between the two or if some plot of survival in the house remains to be seen.