As the eleventh season of controversial show Bigg Boss finally began on October 1 with a grand premiere hosted by none other than Salman Khan, the show is already grabbing many eyeballs as there were three ugly spats which took place inside the Bigg Boss house on the very first day itself. Contestants like Shilpa, Vikas, Sapna, Zubair, and Puneesh locked horns on their very first day in the Bigg Boss house.

While the arguments between Shilpa and Vikas are still understood, there was absolutely no logical reason for the clash between Haryanavi singer Sapna Chaudhary and Haseena Parkar’s son-in-law Zubair Khan. The fights did not stop there as next were club promoter Puneesh Sharma and Zubair.

Actress Shilpa Shindey and producer Vikas Gupta began the day with a brawl as they continued the fight that began in the inaugural episode itself. While Shilpa was accusing Vikas of mentally torturing her on the sets of a TV show, Vikas Gupta claimed that she was a big time liar and a ‘drama queen’. Shilpa even went ahead and said that it was because of her that Vikas became popular and was invited to Bigg Boss or else no one would have known him.

Shilpa further lashed out at Vikas saying that he should have been on the list of commoners and not celebrities.

“Aapko bahot time se screen time nahi mila..isliye zabardasti drama karto ho. Koi kaam nahi mila to yahan aa gayi, (You are doing all this drama because you didn’t got any screen time for so long. You have come here because you couldn’t get any work) Vikas said during the fight.

Later in the day, Zubair and Sapna began arguing as Zubair’s ‘non-veg’ joke didn’t go down well with Sapna, making her cry in the end as Zubair was rigid on the fact that ‘no one tells me what to do and say’.

This whole episode somehow didn’t go well with Puneesh and the commoner was ‘almost’ going to break Zubair’s face as the two came within inches of each others’ faces. “Big ministers haven’t been able to do anything to me,” Zubair said.

As the fights were enjoyed by one and all, it will be exciting to see what day two holds for these contestants in the Bigg Boss house.