Controversial reality TV show Bigg Boss is getting interesting day by day as contestants are in no mood to keep calm in the Bigg Boss house. The fights among Bigg Boss contestants are taking a new high as in this episode of Bigg Boss the contestants were on fire. May it is in the kitchen or during the task; none of them is leaving a chance to attack each other. As the contestants started the day on happy dance tune of ‘Gulabo’, they were far from ending it on the same!

Shilpa Shinde, Arshi Khan versus the rest of the house

 As Shilpa Shinde seems unstoppable in poking and provoking Vikas Gupta, the clash between the two contestants fails to settle down. In the fourth day, the fight which was going on between Shilpa and Vikas reaches a new height as Shilpa now targets Vikas Gupta’s mother after talking about his sexuality. While instigating Vikas, she used a cuss word about his mother which definitely did not go well with the producer. He started calling Shilpa a split-personality and said that he would not let her sleep in order to torture her. While Hina Khan comes in support of Vikas with the majority of the contestants, Arshi Khan and Akhas Dadlani refuse to support him.

Shilpa is chosen to read out the tasks to all members of the house. However, since Shilpa was not able to read the letter properly and was getting stuck at each line, irritation levels peak as the current peace-maker Hina passes comments on Shilpa’s diction and the two have quarrel regarding the same. When Shilpa doesn’t allow Hina to read the tasks, latter screams at Shilpa and both have a heated argument. Hina walks out in rage and tells Shilpa that both her English and Hindi is very weak.

As the luxury task continues in which Bigg Boss house is turned into an animal farm, contestants are given different tasks involving animals. In the first task of the day, Hina Khan, Puneesh Sharma and Arshi Khan are chosen to perform where Hina Khan, who will be blindfolded, will have to fetch four hens while Arshi and Puneesh will guide her. Padosis claim that they had taken six minutes and 22 seconds in doing that task. Gharwales win the task as Hina is able to complete the task in lesser time.

Once again there is a war of words between Shilpa and Vikas wherein Shilpa starts imitating him. Soon after Luv calls up for food, Shilpa answers the call and Luv asks for potato-vegetable that she had cooked the previous day.

For the second task, Bigg Boss brings in a talking parrot, Kukutoo. Priyank, Jyoti, and Sapna are mandated with the task of getting the parrot to talk by repeating a single phrase over and over again for a specified duration. Akash nikamma hai; Sapna loudspeaker hai are few phrases they get the parrot to repeat. They, however, fail to succeed in the task.

In no time, there is an argument between Hina and Shilpa in the kitchen over food. When Shilpa cooks khichdi and first Hina gets mad at the dish and then Zubair yells at Shilpa as she didn’t ask anyone before making it. Zubair Khan yells at Arshi for making Khichdi and wasting food. He takes the argument to a different level after he calls her ‘do kaudi ki aurat.’ Arshi Khan calls men in the house ‘namard’ for talking rudely with women. Arshi tells Puneesh and Shilpa that Hina was losing it because she was feeling insecure of her. Post the entire incident, housemates isolate Arshi and Shilpa while they are seen laughing and giggling and say that they will not be cooking food for anyone in the house.

In yet another task, Hiten, Vikas, and Shilpa have to identify animals while they are blindfolded. Bigg Boss tells them that the padosis had taken 11 seconds to do so. Vikas and Hiten were successful in the task and they just take two seconds each, whereas Shilpa refuses to feel the animal and thus fail at the task. When the gharwales get to know this, Hina tells everybody that Shilpa will be judged the worst performer. Soon it is declared that the padosis have won the luxury budget task as they were successful at three tasks out of five given to both the parties. They are sent a luxury budget hamper by Bigg Boss.

Arshi and Shilpa feel Hina was supporting the wrong person like Zubair as Hina was found hugging him. At this point of time, there are clearly two groups emerging in the house – Arshi and Shilpa form part of one, and rest of the contestants in the second group. It looks like there will be many more ugly fights tomorrow with one of the inmates being sent to jail.