Today’s episode in the Bigg Boss 11 with a lot of drama and chaos as  Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta engaged in a fight after supporting each other for so long. Shilpa Shinde meanwhile, capitalised on the situation and took several digs at Vikas who was left alone after Zubair Khan’s departure from the house. Vikas also expressed his disappointment to Hina over her allegations about Gupta’s sexuality. Vikas was again instigated by Puneesh Sharma who called him a ‘fraud’.

Sapna Chaudhary and Arshi Khan engaged  in an argument over a task by queen Arshi where Sapna is asked to massage her foot which she disobeys and says ‘this is not what she has joined Bigg Boss for’, Sapna was almost caught into a verbal battle with Arshi and she was going all out on her but was stopped by ‘King’ Hiten Tejwani who cools her down and tells her it wasn’t a order for Sapna. 

While Shilpa and Arshi continue to deepen their friendship, there is one more friendship which is growing close with every passing day. As per the visuals there is something surely brewing between Puneesh and Bandgi Kalra as they can be seen holding hands far from all the chaos with the lights shut. 

Going by the promos of the 10th episode of the Bigg Boss 11. The house will be full of crazy drama again with Sapna Chaudhary at the helm of it as she take on Arshi Khan in a full fledged battle which will probably span around the whole episode. Mehjabi Siddiqui will also be seen fighting with Arshi Khan and support Sapna in the cause. 

Updates from Bigg Boss 11, 9th day, 9th episode: As it happened

11:30 PM IST: What’s brewing between Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra. They can seen holding hands and having qulaity time as the lights are turned off. Puneesh kisses Bandgi’s wrists and tells her she should not be working so much in a day and also offers her that he can handle some of her task and that he is not afraid of anyone in the house. 

11:22 pm IST: Shilpa and Arshi are having a conversation about rest of  the housemates and they call the housemates chameleons who can change colours anytime and how they are they only two who have stayed true to each other. Shilpa and Arshi are uniting well to change the game from here. 

11:15 pm IST: Sapna Chaudhary cries and says she didn’t come to Bigg Boss fro this as Sshivani tries to condole her. Hiten interferes and convinces Sapna that he was trying to showcase her queens that his subjects (housemates) respect his instructions. Hiten has successfully cooled Spana down and has shown why he deserves the throne. Sapna was going to fight Arshi but the situation has been handled greatly by the king himself.

These are the Nominated contestants this week:
Jyoti Kumari, Sshivani Durga, Sapna Choudhary, Hina khan and Vikas Gupta have been nominated this week

11:14 pm IST: “What kind of a task is it? To give leg massages to others is it a task?” argues Sapna Chaudhary with the King and queen. While the queen alleges that she is a ‘dasi’ and will have to perform what’s told.

11:09 pm IST: First Sapna Chaudhary denies to follow the queen’s instruction as she refuses to cater Arshi Khan and next we see Shilpa arguing with Vikas Gupta as she reminds him that she is the queen of the house and that Vikas will have to follow her instructions regularly. 

11:05 pm IST: The task has begun and so has the chaos and the drama. The contestants are arguing and battling hard with each other. The two queens Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde are sitting on the throne with the King, Hiten Tejwani. 

10:55 pm IST: Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan are called inside the confession room and are informed about the queen task. Bigg Boss has requested Shilpa to act like a good queen and prove to the other housemates and the king that she deserves to be the queen of the house. 

10:50 pm IST: Vikas Gupta has broken his mike as he comes out of the bathroom and continues to argue with Shilpa, he walks straight out of the door and a few contestants follow. Vikas has been stopped by Bigg Boss in the confession room, where Bigg Boss asks him the reason of his act. He warns him of repeating the behaviour as Vikas apologies. 

10:47 pm IST: Someone can be heard crying inside the bathroom, Okay, so its Vikas inside the bathroom as he continues to weep and alleges that he has been mistreated. Shilpa Shinde meanwhile is taking a dig at him from outside and tells him to stay inside and continue crying. 

10:41 IST: Sshivani Durga joins in between as Hina and Vikas continue to argue, she is also bashing Vikas Gupta for exaggerating the whole issue.

10:41 pm IST: Hina and Vikas are fighting, the fight is getting deeper, Vikas is continuously arguing with Hina here. Hina Khan has been the  most influential figure in this house so far, she has been  able to get most of the members on her side. Hina thought Vikas was a bisexual, whereas Vikas keeps his point that he never said so and how can someone comment about his sexuality in open, without any proof. 

10:35 pm IST: Benafsha joins the conversation, Vikas is telling Mehjabi she can always get her father’s property and she is the main heir of her father’s property. 

10:30 Pm IST: Sshivani Durga and Mehjabi are talking about the padosis, Mehjabi is trying to convince her about teh neighbours beiong from the same family.

Who will be the captain?

Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan will compete against each another to be the captain of the house. The one who wins the game will take the throne.