The prize money of Bigg Boss 11 has now become zero as contestants failed to perform in the Mission Bigg Boss 11 task and contestants who stayed in the rocket cheated as sanchalak Puneesh was fast asleep. Now that Bigg Boss punished the housemates by making their luxury budget zero as well as the prize money, the housemates soon began blaming each other for the failed rocket task. While Hina says that it was Vikas’s idea to step out of the rocket, Shilpa, Puneesh and Bandgi blame the contestants who cheated in the task.

Soon after Mehjabee started blaming Hina Khan for making the luxury budget zero, both of them get into a quarrel and mehjabee accuses Hina Khan of saying that the commoners have come to the show for free. This irked Hina and the fight further got worse. Hina told Mehjabee that she cannot get down to her standard to which Mehjabee replied that she cannot match Hina’s class. Arshi later started singing a song for Hina and called her a chipkali (lizard) and called Hina an old lady who puts on kilos of makeup.  Mehbajee, Puneesh and Sabyasachi were talking about how Hina is manipulating the game. Hina then broke down in the garden area.

Bigg Boss then made an announcement and punished Benafsha for pulling Akashs hair. Bigg Boss nominated her for the next week said that she deserves to go to Jail. Another blame-game began when Bigg Boss asked the contestants to select two names who would get punished along with Benafsha. There was a heated argument about who made the plan to escape whether it was Vikas or Hina. Since there was no decision made, Bigg Boss asked Akash, Bandagi and Sabyasachi to decide two names that would be sent to jail. Hiten and Hina were voted to be sent to the jail along with Benafsha. It will be interesting see to how Hina Khan now reacts after she is in the kaalkothri.