Bigg Boss 11 is one of the most controversial TV reality shows hosted by none other than Bollywood heartthrob Salman Khan. The show is known for its fights, twists and a lot of high voltage drama. This week, the Bigg Boss 11 house has witnessed the maximum number of fights during this week. After the contestants failed in the Mission Bigg Boss 11 task, Hiten Tejwani, Hina Khan and Benafsha Soonawalla were sent to the jail as the worst performers of the week and meanwhile, Sabyasachi became the new captain of the Bigg Boss house.

While the house is on fire as all contestants are busy blaming each other, fighting and gossiping about each other, we got to see a completely different side of Hiten Tejwani. Hiten, who is known to be one of the most sensible people in the house, was now claiming that everyone will now see a wicked side of his as he blames the Bigg Boss house for changing him as a person. Hiten is known to be the most patient, calm and sorted contestant of Bigg Boss 11 and host Salman Khan has also told him many times that he is the most sensible of them all. However, it seems that after going to the jail. Hiten is a changed man.

As the contestants woke up to the song Mai Khiladi Tu Anari, Hiten, Luv and Priyank understood the meaning of the song and laughed out loud along with Benafsha and Hina. Hiten further said that he has changed completely and now he will make people suffer and make their lives hell. He was later imitating Puneesh and Bandgi and made fun of them. He said that Bandgi doesn’t deserve to be on the show and should just keep sitting and applying her ‘bleach’. Looking at Hiten’s changed behaviour, Hina says that Hiten is on fire.