Akash Dadlani’s recent remarks on Benafsha Soonawalla in Bigg Boss have not gone down well with her boyfriend Varun Sood who has openly threatened the rapper and said he won’t be having a good life once he is out of the show. “I feel bad that Benafsha only pulled his hair. She should have slapped him, maybe kicked him. But what Akash is not realising that Benafsha has so many people who love her outside. And they are very protective of her. So he should be careful and start thinking about the outside world, because I am assuring him that it will be hell for him after he comes out. He won’t have a happy life after he comes out,” Sood told BollywoodLife.

For the uninitiated, Akash and Benafsha recently got into a dirty fight when Akash called her ‘stinky’ and ‘unhygeinic’. Varun is however glad that Priyank Sharma took a stand for Benafsha. “Every sane person would have reacted like Priyank did. And I am glad somebody stood up for her. Yes, she is a strong girl and can stand up for herself, but a statement like this is wrong and I think more people should have stood up for her. This was something that a lot of women go through in India. They go through eve teasing, so this something that should not be supported. And I feel that Salman should talk about this, and probably give Akash a piece of his mind,” Sood was quoted as saying.

Varun has been constantly supporting Benafsha while she is inside the house and keeps sharing his pictures with her giving us serious couple goals. Benafsha seems to be having a hard time inside the house and revealed in an earlier episode that she has anxiety issues which restrain her from participating in several tasks.