On Day 103 of India’s most popular reality show, Big Boss, things get murky between Hina and Vikas. As a part of the second phase of the “Arshi Chahti Hai” task, Vikas continues to function as the dictator of the house. He has already driven Puneesh to press the buzzer, but he has to influence Hina and Shilpa now. 

In today’s episode, Hina is asked to sacrifice her coffee as Vikas will ask her to pour the entire coffee into a bowl filled with water. Hina will continuously request Vikas to not to do this to her but he won’t budge. Hina gives in, and things get even worse after Vikas asks Hina to step on his mother’s photo. With just two days left for the finale, here are a few highlights from the new drama that unfolded in the Big Boss house today!

11:23 PM: Shilpa gets nostalgic about the show ending. She has a discussion Vikas about it. Hina also talks about how overwhelmed she is. Vikas says that he has made multiple relationships on the show. They discuss about how these times will not return.

11:15 PM: Vikas and Shilpa discuss how Hina can cook properly, but pretends otherwise. On the contrary, Hina is shown talking out loud about how she cannot cook at all although Vikas and Shilpa think that she can. She says that she has burnt her parantha. If she had really known how to cook, she would not have pleaded and begged with Arshi and Vikas for food earlier in the season.

11:11 PM: Puneesh starts taking Hina’s side and brings out a rational side to the whole drama. He says that what Vikas did was wrong. Vikas takes a self-deprecating tone and says that he was wrong. Hina sobs and talks to herself. She hopes that she wins the show so that it is a direct answer to all the people who tried to show her in a bad light in the show. 

11:07 PM: Hina has an internal monologue about how Vikas has played his mastermind game. As Hina starts crying, Puneesh tells her that Shilpa is supporting Vikas in the task. Hina goes inside and tells Vikas that he has shown his true self. 

11:03 PM: Shilpa tells Vikas that Hina is a disgusting woman. Meanwhile, Puneesh and Hina discuss Vikas’s strategies. Hina and Vikas start fighting over how he forced her to step on his mother’s photo. 

10:51 PM: Vikas gets annoyed with Hina because she is not performing the tasks properly. Hina says that she is trying, however, Vikas says that she is deliberately escaping. Vikas’ plan seems to make Hina look bad doesn’t seem to be working well with Puneesh now especially after Vikas tells Hina to step on his mother’s photo.

10:49 PM: Hina figures out that Vikas is using his mastermind strategy to portray her as mean by making her break all of their precious stuff. He tells her to break the bracelet. But Hina plays him back and subtly escapes from performing all the tasks.

10:44 PM: Vikas asks Hina to pour the entire mug of coffee on a bowl of water. Hina is in disbelief that he can stoop down to this level, but after pouring the coffee she says that she knows it wasn’t hers. Shilpa makes a sly comment about why she chose to do the task despite knowing it wasn’t her coffee.

10:42 PM: Vikas asks Hina and Shilpa to put on an eyepatch and list three good and bad things about Hina. Shilpa instantly takes it off, because they are plotting against Shilpa. She says that Shilpa should be comfortable in her skin and not discuss people after they have left their house. As Shilpa starts listing things, she starts off by saying that she hates the ‘bakwaas’ Hina does all the time like she was just doing.

10:37 PM: Vikas tells Puneesh to fetch the photo-frame from Hina. Vikas makes Shilpa press the buzzer. He plans to keep each of their precious belongings, like Puneesh’s bracelet, which he will ask Hina to break. Puneesh says that he has already given three lakhs to Vikas, he won’t sacrifice anymore.

10:33 PM: Vikas, the mastermind, schemes with Shilpa to play with Hina and asks her to press the buzzer but remain in the task. Shilpa and Puneesh make fun of Hina’s loud-eating habits. Shilpa says that she can’t tolerate people who pretend to be overly hygienic.


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