Bigg Boss 11 got another twist a couple of days back when padosis entered the main house. One person who is hogging a lot of limelight is neighbour Luv Tyagi whose antics are making people talk on social media. As per a report in Business of Cinema, Luv was caught kissing his fellow Padosi partner Sabyasachi Satapathy in the smoking zone by the housemates. The two have developed a close bond and are often spotted together lazing around in this particular area of the house.

The news report further added that news of housemates talking about Luv and Sabyasachi’s kiss reached even the duo’s ears who lost their temper on inmates for bad mouthing them. For the uninitiated, Luv claims to be bisexual and says his sexuality has never come in the way of his professional career. The high-voltage drama will be shown in upcoming episode of the reality show and it would be interesting to see how inmates handle the latest mess.

Both Luv Tyagi and Sabyasachi Satapathy are commoners on the show and that has probably helped them bond better. Luv Tyagi hails from Budhana, UP and has worked with Pepsico. Sathpathy, on the other hand is well-known in Odisha and has worked with a local TV channel there. The drama inside the Bigg Boss house has reached its peak with massive fights taking place inside the house. Both the viewers and contestants are also waiting for Salman Khan hosted ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode in which a nominated contestant will be shown the door. Five contestants including Vikas Gupta, Sapna, Jyoti Kumari, Hina and Sshivani Durga were nominated for this week’s elimination and one of them will be bidding farewell to the house on week-end. But before all that we are eagerly waiting for the brand new episode of Bigg Boss which will give us a clear picture on whether something is cooking between Luv Tyagi and Sabyasachi Satapathy or not.