Bigg Boss 11 is inching closer to the grand finale and contestants’family members and fans are not leaving any stones unturned to see to their loved one walk home with the coveted trophy. Hina Khan might have her share of haters, but one cannot deny the fact that she is quite popular and one of the favourites to win the show. Apart from Khan’s fans, her parents are also rooting for their daughter and have shared how their daughter has made it big despite the financial struggles of the family. 

Khan’s father revealed how she had to work in a call centre to make ends meet and support her and her brother’s education. “Hina, after her college hours, used to work in a call centre so that I wouldn’t be monetarily pressurized for their expenses. She would take care of her and her brother’s expenses while studying,” he said in an interview with Entertainment Times.  He added that she did it all with a smile and never complained about it to her family. 

“Hina never argued or questioned us for not being able to meet their expectations as we were not financially sound. In fact, she always made it a point to keep us happy in every possible way. My daughter is undoubtedly the best because no one can take care of their parents and look after their family the way she does. She makes sure that all our needs are fulfilled and loves us abundantly. I could not have asked for anything more in life better than my little girl,” Mr Khan added. 

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