Bigg Boss 11 is becoming more interesting each day for its interesting twists and turns. In the latest episode, Bigg Boss made the winning amount of the show zero as contestants broke the rules of the luxury budget task. In the new luxury budget task ‘Mission Bigg Boss 11’, Bigg Boss mentioned that the task will not only affect the captaincy and nominations but also the prize money of the show. The candidates had to play the astronauts stuck in space and Puneesh was the Sanchalak.  All contestants were allotted a certain amount and they all were also given a chance to get out of the spaceship. In the task, the amount of the person getting down would be reduced from the prize money and he will become the contender for captainship. Contestants were dressed as astronauts and then sat in the rocket. Bandagi initially discussed with Puneesh that she would jump out of the rocket first.

However, Sabyasachi was the first contestant to get out of the rocket first and became a contender for captaincy. As Sabyasachi got out of the rocket, the house lost 70000 from the winning amount. Bandgi Kalra was the next to step out with the amount of 1,75000. Soon, all the contestants began stepping out of the rocket for some reason or the other as the sanchalak Puneesh was busy getting intimate with Bandgi inside the house. The couple was busy kissing each other and getting cosy in the bed. Akash came out next carrying an amount of 2,50,000 followed by Arshi- 3,10,000 and Shilpa-8,00,000. Mehjabin also dropped the task at 2,75,000.

Priyank and Hina were the next to get down relieving their urge to pee. When they all noticed that Puneesh was in a deep sleep, they began roaming around in the house freely. While Sapna went inside the house, changes her clothes and came back to the spaceship, Hiten brought food and made a new record. Shilpa later told Bandgi that someone entered the house while Puneesh was sleeping. Benafsha got down at 9 in the morning carrying 10,000. All contestants who got down of the rocket thought that they were the contenders of captainship, unaware of the fact that there will be a major twist. Only Akash, Sabyasachi and Bandgi were eligible as they got out first and the rest of them didn’t understand the game.

Bigg Boss later declared that the housemates failed in the task because Puneesh went to sleep during the task and the contestants got down and cheated. Adding to this, he revealed that the prize money was zero. Three contestants to compete for the captaincy were Sabhyasachi, Bandgi and Akash. Hina Khan broke into tears blamed herself for losing the task.

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