Bigg Boss 11 has been making a lot of news all thanks to the unstoppable fights, personal attacks, high-voltage drama and most of all, the growing ‘intimacy’ between Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma who have been crossing all the limits of their PDA’s. The two have been caught on camera a lot of times when they are seen kissing each other and getting cosy under the sheets. Recently, a lip-lock video of the two went viral on social media in which the two were caught kissing under the sheets. The video faced a lot of backlash from social media and fans were criticizing them for being shameless on social media and were also blaming the makers of the show for broadcasting such content on television.

However, during the Weekend Ka Waar episode, host Salman Khan addressed Puneesh and Bandgi and told them how their actions will be perceived outside. He also hinted Bandgi about the fact that her parents would be watching the show and how such actions can lead to a lot of controversies. He told both of them to be careful as their parents would be watching the show. However, it seems that Puneesh did not take Salman’s advice seriously or probably didn’t get what he was trying to say as, in a recent video, Puneesh and Bandgi were seen indulging in dirty talks and were talking about taking each other’s clothes off.

While they both were sitting on the sofa after the lights went off, Puneesh was asking her to unbutton her shorts to which Bandgi replied that it will take a second to open the buttons and unzip the shorts but there is no need to take the top off.  Puneesh was seen telling her that he will take off his T-shirt. She was hesitant at first, but then Puneesh asked her to make it fast and not waste his time. This clearly means that none of them took Salman’s advice seriously and are unaware of the fact that how such actions can spoil their image outside the Bigg Boss house.


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