One of the most controversial Indian TV reality shows, Bigg Boss, which is back with its eleventh season, never fails to surprise and entertain its viewers. The fights in Bigg Boss 11 which began from the very first day don’t seem to end anytime soon. One contestant, who has been getting into a spat with almost all inmates from Hina Khan to Zubair, has now picked up a new fight with Haryanvi singer Sapna Choudhary. It all began when amid a luxury tast which was given to the contestants called ‘Raja rani ki kahani’. In the task, Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde are queens and Hiten tejwani is the king, Arshi asks Sapna to give her a foot massage which irks Sapna.

Sapna at first refuses to do anything for Arshi and says that she will get out of the house but not give her a foot message, but later agrees to do it as a part of the task. After Bigg Boss announces that the first half of the task is over, Sapna rushed to hit Arshi for her behaviour. However, Hiten then stops Sapna by telling her that if she raises her hand she will get evicted. This argument ended only to get worse the next day.

It all started after Arshi told everyone that she desires of getting married to Hiten in a grand wedding. Sapna, who was also sitting closely, passed a nasty remark saying that a guy like Hiten will never marry her. Arshi got irked and retaliated to her comment by calling her a ‘nachnewali’ after which they both had a war of words. Sapna began to irritate Arshi by imitating her, continuously signing songs while following her everywhere in the house.

Sapna, with a ladle in her hand also said that she will leave the show but not before breaking a few bones of Arshi. She threatened to beat her black and blue if she once more called her a ‘naachnewali’. Arshi gets threatened and asks Bigg Boss to call her in the confession room. It will be interesting to see how Arshi deals with her new enemy in the house.